The Full Beauty as a Business Social Media Marketing Curriculum

Beauty as a Business is designed to help you master social media to build your book of business using online tools. As a beauty school owner or primary decision maker at your school, choose to provide Beauty as a Business courses as part of your curriculum, and we’ll take care of preparing the material for you. We make it easy to provide a consistent and high quality education to each and every student, no matter the program they choose.

Or, if you’re already in beauty school or are a licensed beauty professional, take our interactive courses on your own time, as we provide everything you need to learn and start applying the material right away.

Get the Complete Beauty as a Business Curriculum

Our courses were designed by the team of professional marketers at Oozle Media who are experts in everything we cover! With nearly a decade of marketing for beauty schools under our belt, we’re practicing what we preach! But that’s not all. We’ve also worked with professional salons to prove these strategies work for salon professionals too. Talk to our team to see the impact especially with our Google reviews course!

If you’re a beauty professional or student who feels stuck with what to post on social media, trying to build a website, or wish you had more positive reviews, our tried and true courses are made for you!

No matter if you’re a cosmetology student, licensed esthetician, or currently pursuing another career in the beauty and wellness industry, you can start applying what you’ve learned in Beauty as a Business today!

Purchase each course on its own, or get all courses* in one convenient bundle for just $119.99 (a $250+ value).

What’s Included in Each Course?

Each course includes a video lesson, discussion question, and ends with a quiz and activity prompt to start applying what you’ve learned. Some courses, like our Instagram one, also include worksheets you can use to optimize your account and start posting.

Plus, once you’ve ordered, you get LIFETIME access to each lesson, so you can watch the videos or take the quizzes again and again, whenever you need a refresher.

If you’re a beauty school, your instructors will be provided lesson plans to help you lead discussions and teach students in the way that they learn best: through a more interactive and hands-on approach, perfect for synchronous or asynchronous learning.

Students who use BaaB through their school will have access to all of their courses for two years, starting their first day of class. After those two years are over, graduates can reach out to our team with proof they went to a BaaB school for continued access to their courses. This will provide all students lifetime access, plus any updates to the courses, a perfect option if you want to keep up with social media best practices.

Our goal was to create a flexible curriculum you can use however you’d like, whether it’s in-person, online, or a hybrid approach. Plus, it easily integrates through CIMA by Milady or Pivot Point LAB.

*If you’re a school owner, you can purchase BaaB courses for all your students at a discounted rate.

What To Expect From Beauty as a Business

Here’s an actual video from our Instagram course, so you can see for yourself exactly what comes with each Beauty as a Business lesson. Along with this lesson, you can take a quiz, follow a discussion question, and much more!

Overview of Our Courses


Instagram for Your Beauty Business

Purchase Now for $49.99
If you want to use social media to attract new clients and build your book of business, this course is for you! We cover everything from setting up your account and choosing the right username, to tracking the effectiveness of your posts through Instagram analytics.

Modules include:

  • Instagram account setup
  • Handle and bio setup
  • Photos and Instagram themes
  • Writing engaging Instagram captions
  • When to post
  • Hashtag research
  • Instagram stories
  • Instagram insights
  • And more

Photography for Your Beauty Business

Purchase Now for $49.99
Pairing perfectly with our Instagram course, our photography course teaches you how to take stunning photos and videos with just a smartphone. Learn how to use natural lighting, proper backgrounds, and so much more to create a professional visual brand your followers will love.

Modules Include:

  • Framing your photo
  • How to light your photo
  • Photography hardware and audio
  • Photography software and editing

Google Business Profile: Building Your Brand

Purchase Now for $39.99
You can watch a live recording of the training we’ve been giving to beauty school students for years on how to “get awkward” and build your online reputation through asking for Google reviews and a strong social media strategy.

This course is proven to inspire and drive students to apply what they’ve learned, building the student’s reputation (and your school’s). Get in touch with us to see how you can ask our team to give this presentation to your students LIVE.

Modules Include:

  • 80/20 formula for success
  • Foundational social media marketing principles
  • The importance of online reviews
  • Tools for asking for a review
  • Key points to remember when encouraging online reviews
  • How negative reviews can actually help businesses
  • Facebook business page features & advantages

Running Giveaways, Contests, & Promotions

Purchase Now for $29.99
Modules Include:

  • Ideas for giveaways, contests, and promotions
  • Compliance for giveaways, contests, and promotions

Websites for Your Beauty Business

Purchase Now for $29.99
Wondering how to get a stunning website to market your business? This is the perfect course for you, especially if you plan on opening your own salon, spa, or clinic. We walk through some common free website platforms and tips to find a good web developer.

Modules Include:

  • Introduction to websites
  • Building your website
  • Hiring a developer

Going Live on Facebook & Instagram

Purchase Now for $9.99
Interact and build trust with your growing online community by going live on Facebook and Instagram. Get tips on how to run a successful livestream, from practicing going live to ideas of what to talk about during your time in the spotlight.

Modules Include:

  • Before you go live
  • Going live!
  • Increasing viewership

TikTok & Instagram Reels for Your Beauty Business

Purchase Now for $34.99
In one of our newest courses, we outline best practices you can use to add Instagram Reels to your current posting strategy. We present material ranging from creating enticing thumbnails to how to edit your video, plus ideas of what to post! While it may not seem like a lot on the surface, it can jumpstart you to effectively using Instagram Reels and expand your reach on Instagram.

Modules Include:

  • Instagram Reels part 1
  • Instagram Reels part 2

Pinterest for Your Beauty Business

Purchase Now for $29.99
Pinterest, when utilized correctly, is a great way to get in front of your target audience! Pinterest is often used for hairstyle inspiration, DIY projects, and so much more! If you’re looking for a new platform to increase your reach, consider starting a Pinterest account to share your best styles, and use promoted pins to get even better results.

Modules Include:

  • How to set up your account
  • Creating your pinterest boards
  • Creating pins of your work
  • Make your pins actionable

  • How to display your work
  • Tips and tools to format your pins
  • Best practices for posting on Pinterest
  • Promoted pins

Get Our Curriculum for Your School

If you’re considering getting Beauty as a Business for your school, schedule a free demo to see everything you get to teach students the social media skills they WANT to learn. We provide your instructors with pre-built lesson plans, which means your students will consistently receive the same quality education salon owners expect from certified Beauty as a Business students.

Our no-obligation demo is completely free, no strings attached. If you’re on the fence, try it out to see if our curriculum is the right fit for your school.

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Chris Linford came into my school to give a course on marketing and how to retain and increase clientele. I left the course with so much knowledge and how to take control of my business pages on social media and how to present myself professionally in person as well.

Daniela C.

Promoting yourself on social media as a stylist is very important. It’s a great way to showcase your work & connect with potential guests. It’s also an amazing platform that allows friends & family to easily share or recommend your work.

Stephanie, Landis Salons

It’s cool to see [our students] take that personal [Instagram] page that BaaB was talking about and really transform it into a business-led platform… Even if they’re students and they’re beginning their career, it’s cool to see that platform grow and they get to grow with their clients. It’s cool to watch them flourish...

Skinworks School of Advanced Skincare Instructor

I’ve had an Instagram since I was probably 12 and a Facebook since I was 9. So, I went into this like, ‘I’m not going to learn anything from this, like I know how to run a social media account,’ but it’s made me realize the business side of it and how to set it up.

Esthetics student from Skinworks School of Advanced Skincare

Chris Linford is an amazing educator! He explained everything in an easy, fun way. I feel very motivated and confident starting my business. He had amazing tips to grow your business! You won’t be disappointed!

Maria A.

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