Master Social Media as a Beauty Professional

If you aren’t driving enough leads to fill your schedule, it may be time to step up your marketing game. The hard skills of cutting and styling hair, applying facials, or creating intricate nail art is only a small portion of what you need to make big money as a licensed hair or beauty professional. The rest, and majority is personality, sales, and marketing.

Learn how to effectively use Instagram, build your own website, and so much more through our interactive online marketing classes to attract new clients and keep your appointment book full. Whether you’re fresh out of beauty school or have been working in a professional salon or spa for a few years, use Beauty as a Business to build the soft skills you need to be successful.

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Become a Successful Hair and Beauty Professional With Our Online Marketing and Social Media Courses

Don’t underestimate the impact a professional social media profile can have on your book of business. As an ever-changing industry, it’s important to keep up with best practices, and word-of-mouth can only get your business so far.

Before booking an appointment, more and more people want to see what they can expect from your services. If they can’t find you online, they probably won’t make that call. But, where can people find you now? Online and on social media.

That’s where Beauty as a Business comes in. Beauty as a Business is an online digital marketing curriculum designed by professional marketers for licensed beauty professionals. With courses ranging from photography to online reviews to Instagram, you can learn how to get more and more guests to come to your door.

Through our courses, you can learn how to:

  • Build your personal brand through a professional website and professional logo
  • Create and run a business Instagram account where potential clients can reach out to you
  • Run paid ads on social media and target the right audience
  • Manage promotions, contests, and giveaways to grow your following and build a loyal fanbase
  • Use social media analytics to determine what type of content you should post and when
  • And a whole lot more!

Start learning valuable skills on Instagram on your own time. Our courses aren’t hacks or tricks, instead, because they were designed by professional marketers, they use our proven methods. In fact, we’ve used what we cover in our courses ourselves to help hundreds of beauty schools (and other beauty professionals) across the country!

Learn what to post and when, what type of content your audience wants to see, and ultimately, make it easier for someone to reach you and schedule an appointment.

Designed for All Hair and Beauty Professionals

Not sure if Beauty as a Business is for you? If your career requires you to network and build your personal brand online, Beauty as a Business can help. It’s the perfect option for everyone from licensed cosmetologists to estheticians and even massage therapists.

All of the strategies we cover in each of our courses work, no matter what industry you’re in. See for yourself what Beauty as a Business can do for your personal brand.

What To Expect From Beauty as a Business

Beauty as a Business is a set of online courses you can take on your own time. If you’re someone who loves a more hands-on approach, you can be confident that you’ve made the right choice through Beauty as a Business. For each course, you can:

  1. Watch the video lesson
  2. Answer the discussion prompt
  3. Fill out any worksheets or “apply what you’ve learned” sections
  4. Take each quiz until you successfully pass

Our courses aren’t a “one and done” type of class. Instead, by purchasing access to our courses, you can watch each video again and again until you’re sure you’ve mastered the material in each lesson. Take the quizzes to test your knowledge and finally fill out the worksheets that are designed to walk you through the steps you can do now to grow your online presence.

And, you’ll never lose your copy of our courses, because purchasing once provides you lifetime access to each module.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who Is Beauty as a Business for?

If you need social media to build your personal brand, Beauty as a Business is for you! You should consider investing in our courses if:

  • You want to add something extra to your portfolio
  • You’re unhappy with the look of your current social media profiles
  • You want to grow your following or become a beauty influencer
  • You’re feeling overwhelmed with the vast amount of marketing info
  • You’re running out of ideas of what to post

While we hope that schools choose to offer our curriculum, we understand not every school offers the social media curriculum students crave. That’s why we’ve made it available to everyone who has the drive to improve their social media marketing game.

How much does Beauty as a Business cost?

Each course individually varies in cost ranging from $9.99 to $49.99, but you can get all 8 courses for just $119.99 (originally a $250+ value). This one-time purchase gives you lifetime access to our courses that you can refer back to however much you’d like! If you’re on the fence on which courses are right for you, we recommend giving it a try to see what you can learn!

What do I get after completing Beauty as a Business?

Once you finish Beauty as a Business, you can put completion of our courses on your resume and in your portfolio, which can make finding a new career even easier. Salons we’ve worked with in the past LOVE seeing Beauty as a Business on resumes, because it proves to them that you have the soft skills they look for in new hires.

Do I need additional tools or technology to take Beauty as a Business courses?

If you have access to a smartphone and a computer, you can take our online courses. In fact, our photography course encourages students to use just their smartphone to take stunning, professional photos. However, you might want to consider investing in other equipment, like a ring light, or other purchases that we recommend throughout each course.

But, they aren’t required to start applying what you’ve learned!

Social media is constantly changing. Will these courses become outdated?

Our goal was to stick with best practices, not tricks, not hacks. While different features or the layout of social media may change, best practices often don’t. We focus on why each strategy works, not just how to do it. Plus, purchasing our courses now means you’ll automatically get access to any updates we make to our curriculum to keep it as up to date as possible.

Social Media is very imperative in building and attracting new guests. It is very little time spent for a maximum reward.

Jenner Feroah, CEO, Lunatic Fringe

Promoting yourself on social media as a stylist is very important. It’s a great way to showcase your work & connect with potential guests. It’s also an amazing platform that allows friends & family to easily share or recommend your work.

Stephanie, Landis Salons

Learn on Your Own Time

Think back to what beauty school was like: a constant flow of bookwork, mannequin styling, and finally, working with guests to help them perfect their new look while you gain valuable experience. With everything that you had to learn, some beauty schools simply didn’t have the time or the resources to help students learn what they really want: how to attract their own clients through digital marketing and Instagram.

As a beauty professional, you can take your education into your own hands, and start learning what you wished you had learned in school.

Designed By Professional Marketers

If you’ve been using social media for a while, you’ve probably seen the vast amount of information out there about what to post, when to post, and “hacks” to beat the algorithm and grow your following. The problem is a lot of these resources are expensive while only teaching tricks that might not have a big impact over time.

Unlike other “get followers quick” schemes, Beauty as a Business focuses on the best practices and why our strategies work. They were designed and created by professional marketers who are passionate about helping their clients get more leads and more sales through social media.

See for yourself what we teach through our own Instagram account @beautyasabiz.

Learn What YOU Want To Learn

Because Beauty as a Business is completely online, you can choose which courses interest you most! While we do offer a full bundle of all of our courses, you can pick and choose which courses you may want to start with and then invest in the full bundle. (We recommend starting with our Instagram course or our Google Business Profile: online reputation course, as those can have the biggest impact on your beauty brand.)

You can also choose to start with our newest course about Instagram Reels, so you can get a taste of what Beauty as a Business is like.

Add Something Special to Your Portfolio

Sometimes you need to find something that makes your portfolio stand out, especially when your current salon or spa isn’t the perfect fit. If you are unhappy with your career but aren’t sure how to improve the appearance of your portfolio and professional Instagram account, Beauty as a Business is a must!

Potential employers love seeing professionals who are proactive and consistently aim to improve their own skills.

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Want to start your social media education? Check out all of our courses today to start seeing what you can learn to step up your social media marketing game today! We can’t wait to help you become an even more successful hair and beauty professional.

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