What is Beauty as a Business?

Beauty as a Business (BaaB for short) is an online curriculum developed by marketing experts to teach beauty students how to build a book of business, strategically use social media, and market themselves as beauty and wellness professionals. The full curriculum consists of 9 modules including: 

  • Instagram for Your Beauty Business
  • TikTok & Instagram Reels for Your Beauty Business
  • Disappearing Content (Stories) for Social Media
  • Photography for Your Beauty Business
  • Pinterest for Your Beauty Business
  • Google Business Profile: Online Reviews & Building Your Brand
  • Going Live on Facebook & Instagram
  • Running Giveaways, Contests & Promotions
  • Websites for Your Beauty Business

Each module includes teacher lesson plans with additional information and support, activities and discussion questions, worksheets, quizzes, and students receive a certificate of completion with each course. It’s a great resume builder and tracking tool to assist with the “soft skills” for online marketing success. You can experience a taste of BaaB in our Sampler Course.

Who benefits from Beauty as a Business?

Our curriculum is designed specifically for the beauty and wellness industry to utilize online marketing tools for success as a service provider. Any specialty in the beauty industry can use these strategies to build their business and online presence including – and not limited to – hairstylists, aestheticians, nail technicians, massage therapists, make-up artists, barbering – all students can benefit from learning with BaaB! As students learn online marketing skills, schools directly benefit from this as well (see more on how schools benefit below). Even established professional service providers who already have industry experience can also benefit from the education provided with BaaB!

What will students learn?

BaaB Graduates learn how to build a professional portfolio, develop their brand and style through posting their work online, and how to market themselves to increase clientele. Students also receive a certificate with each completed module to build their resume and they can revisit any of the videos to refresh their education at any time. A quick rundown of highlighted BaaB topics: 

  • How to find clients on Instagram
  • How to take awesome photos of your work
  • How to create your own website
  • How to get people talking about you on Google
  • How to run promotions, contests, and giveaways
  • How to read social media insights and data

In a recent survey, 94.7% of students wished their school taught the full Beauty as a Business curriculum and 87% said they would highly recommend BaaB to a friend or a fellow beauty student. Learners are asking for this type of education in beauty school!

How will my students and instructors access the program?

Beauty as a Business is hosted through a digital platform where each student and instructor will be given access to their own accounts. If you are a Pivot Point school, the curriculum and instructor materials will be incorporated directly in your LAB account. For Milady schools, BaaB will be available directly in your Milady CIMA accounts!

What ongoing support will my school receive by being a BaaB partner school?

Our goal is to ensure a successful launch to get all students, instructors, and staff members excited about learning and implementing social media strategies! We provide a virtual onboarding training session with all school administrators, additional online resources through our website and blog, free templates and training through BaaB’s Instagram account, and a dedicated account manager to assist along the way. Many schools also opt for an in-person training session in class at your school with one of our experts! This training can be hosted to kick-off the program with students and staff, or any time throughout the program to learn from a guest speaker. We also host a yearly complimentary school-focused online event with tons of valuable free content at the Beauty School Summit.

How will my school benefit from partnering with Beauty as a Business?

Offering BaaB shows your students that you value not only the quality of education they receive by attending your school, but also about their success in the industry. Being a BaaB partner school helps with student success post-graduation, and that is a huge differentiator. This increases prospective students and qualified lead traffic directly to the school. When the student’s social media improves, the school’s online presence will also improve. As students learn how to properly use your school’s hashtags, geo-target the school’s location, and increase Google reviews, the school’s online representation inherently increases. Click here to read more about How Schools Benefit.

How will my students benefit from learning with Beauty as a Business?

Students are already living in a digital world and want to build an online portfolio. Our goal at BaaB is to help them best utilize social media in a strategic way to increase their success in school and as a professional. Implementing Beauty as a Business helps students hit the ground running with their new skill set and makes them even more employable for salons and employers – or opening their own business! The beginning of beauty school is the best time for students to learn social media marketing so they can practice, document their journey through school, and be better prepared once they graduate. Click here to read more on How Students Benefit.

How long does the program take to complete?

The BaaB curriculum is designed to be flexible and adaptable to your school’s needs. We recommend that all students go through the core modules, which are: Instagram, Photography, and Google Reviews. To complete these courses together as a class, it typically takes approximately 15 hours. The full curriculum could take longer to complete if students are going through the activities and discussions together as a class, however, some content can be utilized for distance learning hours, extra credit or make up hours if necessary through self-study. We also provide a roadmap of how and where to best implement the modules according to your school’s needs.

What is the cost per student?

The investment cost per student is $49 for access to the complete Beauty as a Business library, and instructor/ staff access is complimentary. Schools purchase seats for their students as part of their kit cost, or included in tuition, and can assign seats on an ongoing basis as needed for new students. Contact us for bulk seat and Enterprise School pricing!

What if my school encounters students or instructors who aren’t excited about learning or teaching social media?

We understand that not everyone wants to be an influencer online – and that’s OK! We simply want to provide the tools that students, professionals, and instructors alike can utilize to promote themselves. Beauty as a Business has developed this plug-and-play curriculum so instructors don’t have to come up with a syllabus for this education. Teachers do not need to be social media experts in order to teach online marketing skills, but rather take on more of a facilitator role to create space for these discussions. Students will have the know-how to use online tools at their discretion if they choose in their career, and enough practice during school to feel confident to market themselves online.

What if my school doesn’t have the time to allocate to an online program such as BaaB?

We know that time in the classroom is valuable and we want to help make every hour count. BaaB is built to contain bite-sized content in the form of videos and activities, and it can be integrated synchronously and/or asynchronously. We provide detailed guidelines and roadmaps to best fit your school’s classroom time while still maintaining access to hours of valuable content.

How long will students have access?

Students have access to their accounts for 2 years, with the option of lifetime access post graduation if they choose.

Still have questions? Contact us here!