Now available in Pivot Point LAB and Milady CIMA!

We know as school educators and leaders you want the best for your students. That’s why we’re excited to announce that our social media curriculum for future beauty industry professionals is now available in both Pivot Point LAB and Milady CIMA*!

Now your students can learn how to grow as professionals utilizing important digital platforms like Instagram, Google and TikTok in a seamless learning experience. Both Pivot Point LAB and Milady CIMA offer student time stamps so you can track learning for accreditation and see all student activity with the curriculum. Fill out the form to schedule a demo to see Beauty As A Business in either software!

*For schools who do not use these platforms, Beauty As A Business is also offered in our own LMS so you can still deliver this important marketing education to all your students.

Proven Social Media
Marketing Lessons

We designed our courses to benefit your students, your instructors, and your school while providing skills students need to learn on how to take stunning photos or grow their following and client-base on Instagram.

Your beauty school instructors will love our curriculum. Guaranteed. That’s because we make it easy for you to teach the marketing skills your students need to become successful beauty professionals. Plus, it saves your instructors time from having to create a curriculum and syllabus on their own.

Created for all beauty school students alike, whether they’re learning cosmetology, nails, barbering, esthetics or even massage, you can be confident they are learning the skills they need to get more clients online through effective digital and social media marketing.

Your students aren’t learning hacks. They aren’t applying “get-rich-quick” schemes. Instead, each lesson focuses on best practices and the goals of a successful personal brand online. This in turn creates free marketing for your school! As your students start applying what they’ve learned, they can effectively build your school’s reputation through gorgeous Instagram posts and stellar reviews.


What’s Included in Our
Online Courses?

We take all the hard work out of planning and prepping, providing everything you need to teach social media effectively and consistently for each class.

When you use Beauty as a Business, your instructors will be provided the tools they need to teach each course. They can use our lesson plans and discussion questions to become a moderator to each student’s education, whether they choose to present the material through necessary distance learning courses or running in-person discussions. It’s perfect for asynchronous and synchronous learning.

Through Beauty as a Business, your students can start applying what they’ve learned now. Let your instructors take a step back and watch their students light up as they see for themselves the difference it makes by having these marketing skills that salons and spas love.

And, when each student finishes their social media lessons, you can award your students certificates of completion they can use on their portfolio and resume as an added bonus.

The Perfect Online Learning
Marketing Curriculum

If you want more of your students to thrive and stay in the beauty industry after graduation, you have to provide them with the soft skills they need to succeed, and that’s so much more than just cutting hair or providing a facial (hard skills).

It’s providing amazing customer service. It’s being able to sell products after each appointment. And, most underestimated, building a strong personal brand as a beauty professional online and knowing how to market that brand and stand out in a sea of options.

That’s where Beauty as a Business comes in. We’ve created an online, digital marketing/social media curriculum you can start implementing now to give your students the skills they need to build a book of business while they’re still in school!

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It’s cool to see [our students] take that personal [Instagram] page that BaaB was talking about and really transform it into a business-led platform… Even if they’re students and they’re beginning their career, it’s cool to see that platform grow and they get to grow with their clients. It’s cool to watch them flourish...

Skinworks School of Advanced Skincare Instructor

Promoting yourself on social media as a stylist is very important. It’s a great way to showcase your work & connect with potential guests. It’s also an amazing platform that allows friends & family to easily share or recommend your work.

Stephanie, Landis Salons

Social Media is very imperative in building and attracting new guests. It is very little time spent for a maximum reward.

Jenner Feroah, CEO, Lunatic Fringe

How Does Beauty as a Business Work?

Beauty as a Business is an online digital marketing curriculum. That means your students can access it online anytime. We have a learning management system where students can track their progress and go at their own pace or at the pace you set for them!

Our entire curriculum is also available within CIMA by Milady or Pivot Point’s LAB, making the integration to classrooms that much easier (for schools partnered with Milady or Pivot Point).

Each course is split into modules that each cover different concepts. A module looks like:

  1. Watch the lesson video either as a class or individually
  2. Use the discussion prompt to facilitate more learning and ideas
  3. Activities and worksheets give students the chance to apply what they’ve learned
  4. Students must pass with at least 80% on quizzes to qualify for course completion

Because students have their own unique logins, they can rewatch videos and take quizzes again and again until they are sure they’ve mastered the material. Plus, they’ll have access to the full curriculum for a full two years, starting the first day of class. This means they can use what they’ve been given even after they graduate! And, if they want permanent access to each course, they can choose to purchase the full curriculum themselves.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Is Beauty as a Business Made for?

Beauty as a Business is perfect for ANYone in the beauty, hair, or wellness industry. You can implement Beauty as a Business for:

  • Cosmetology students
  • Esthetics students
  • Barbering students
  • Nail technician students
  • Massage therapy students
  • And more!

If social media is going to play a big role in helping your students find a future career, Beauty as a Business is for you. Of course, you can also purchase the courses for yourself.

Beauty Schools Have Complete Control

Instructors can track the progress of each student by seeing how long they’ve taken in each course, which quizzes students have passed, which ones they haven’t, and other necessary info to successfully track hours to meet graduation requirements.

Easy and Flexible

How to present the material in Beauty as a Business is completely up to you, as we wanted our curriculum to fit YOUR teaching style. While we believe BaaB is best taught in the classroom, the all-online curriculum can be utilized by instructors to fit the needs and demands of many educational settings.

The online nature of the course material makes BaaB a great fit for distance and hybrid learning. We have lesson plans that help instructors know how to foster discussions with their students, and each lesson has additional discussion prompts and hands-on activities that help students retain this valuable, business-growing knowledge.

Get Free Marketing for Your School

As students start implementing what they’ve learned through Beauty as a Business, believe it or not, your school will benefit too! When running a successful beauty school, you know just how important it is to market your school and attract new students.

Our Instagram curriculum encourages students to actively take high quality photos and post it on their personal Instagram account, while promoting the school they’re learning at as if they were promoting a salon, spa or shop they could be working in as a professional.

These photos become user-generated content you can use to showcase to potential students exactly what your students can do while they’re in school in a way that has the same impact as a testimonial. Potential students can see for themselves what an education at your school looks like and feel more confident in their choice, because this content comes directly from students, not the school.

Our courses also allow current students to reach the friends, family, and acquaintances who are most likely to start exploring the idea of a beauty education themselves. Your school gets in front of potential students through a trusted source that ultimately builds trust and brand awareness. Your school is more likely to become someone’s first choice!

Posts from actual beauty school students who tagged their school on Instagram.

Stand Out From Your Competitors

If you want to get the most out of your social media curriculum, ask us about our live, in-person training on Google reviews and online reputation management. It’s a great way to kick off Beauty as a Business, because they get to hear live the material we cover in one of our courses through the same person IN our online courses. No other marketing company offers this.

Through our Google reviews training, students are encouraged to “get awkward” and ask for reviews by name. Where do those reviews go? On your school’s page.

These reviews can lead to higher rankings on a Google search, which in turn can increase your site’s traffic. With more traffic, there’s more opportunities to get more leads that are more likely to enroll. One school who received our live training saw a 46% increase in total traffic, and a 79% increase in organic leads.

While we can’t guarantee the same results for your school, we are confident that Beauty as a Business can help you get more and better reviews to increase your marketing results overall. Request your demo to see how Beauty as a Business can grow your school.

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