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Our mission is to help beauty school students build their book of business through an interactive, online marketing curriculum developed by professional marketers. By helping beauty school students grow their business skills, we help beauty schools who partner with Beauty as a Business to be more successful, too!

Our curriculum is proven to help cosmetology and beauty schools get more leads while students obtain social media marketing skills that set them up for career success after graduation.

How We Started

Beauty as a Business started with our sister company, Oozle Media, who has been helping beauty schools successfully market their school for close to a decade. As we were teaching schools how to manage their online reputation, what to post on social media, and general digital marketing best practices, those same school owners asked us:

“My students need this! It would be really awesome if you guys could come in and teach what you’re doing for my school to my students so they can be successful using these tools when they graduate.”

Beauty school owners recognized that these were a big part of the business skills their students needed and they wanted us to help their students. We gladly accepted the challenge!

We created our live presentation, which you can watch in our online reputation course, where we taught students to take their marketing in their own hands and start applying what they’ve learned now. And students (and schools) loved it!

Promoting yourself on social media as a stylist is very important. It’s a great way to showcase your work & connect with potential guests. It’s also an amazing platform that allows friends & family to easily share or recommend your work.

Stephanie, Landis Salons

Chris Linford came into my school to give a course on marketing and how to retain and increase clientele. I left the course with so much knowledge and how to take control of my business pages on social media and how to present myself professionally in person as well.

Daniela C.

Chris Linford is an amazing educator! He explained everything in an easy, fun way. I feel very motivated and confident starting my business. He had amazing tips to grow your business! You won’t be disappointed!

Maria A.

I’ve had an Instagram since I was probably 12 and a Facebook since I was 9. So, I went into this like, ‘I’m not going to learn anything from this, like I know how to run a social media account,’ but it’s made me realize the business side of it and how to set it up.

Esthetics student from Skinworks School of Advanced Skincare

Social Media is very imperative in building and attracting new guests. It is very little time spent for a maximum reward.

Jenner Feroah, CEO, Lunatic Fringe

After giving these lessons for a while to schools all over the country, our clients asked:


“Can we film it?”


That’s when we realized we had something we could share, and we wanted to get it done right.

Building Beauty as a Business

Before we even started filming our live presentation, we knew we had a lot of stumbling blocks to overcome. We had to create something that was worth our client’s time and effort to provide their students as part of an already packed curriculum. We considered:

  • Cost. Travel and doing onsite education is expensive. We wanted to create something that was fiscally possible for all beauty schools without sacrificing the live presentation experience.
  • Quality. Every live presentation is always going to be a little different. People ask different questions, there may be interruptions, or something else. We wanted something that provided a standardized educational experience, no matter if a student starts in the winter, during the summer, or any other time throughout the year.
  • Relevance. Social media is constantly changing, so we did our research first and created our curriculum focusing on the “why” behind the strategies we cover. We don’t teach hacks or convenient tricks, we focus on a foundational marketing strategy anyone can follow and why it works.
  • Convenience. Schools have a lot to pack in with very little extra time. We wanted our curriculum to integrate easily into the systems instructors are already using. It’s easy to add our courses to your current LMS, and the bite-sized videos make it much easier to squeeze digital marketing into an already full lesson plan.
  • Ease. We wanted something anyone, even owners or instructors who didn’t feel confident on social media, could still teach.

Our Partnership With Industry Leaders Like Pivot Point & Milady

We spent hours writing and revising, brainstorming, and problem solving. We knew schools needed what we taught them, but we wanted to do it right.

When we started writing out the video scripts and the additional materials, Oozle Media’s CEO Chris Linford was busy reaching out to the experts in the industry, like Pivot Point. We could not have gotten where we were without those partnerships. With the help of Pivot Point and our beauty school owner clients, we created something that was actually what we wanted it to be:

A Curriculum for Beauty Schools

Pivot Point worked with us to create something that integrated easily with their system. So, while we filmed videos, we also wrote quizzes, created discussion questions, designed worksheets, and so much more. We followed Pivot Point’s Learning Path, so our curriculum was designed to fit the way students actually learn. We worked toward creating a product that not only encouraged learning but actively counted toward a student’s hours of completion.

We know from working with our clients that adding additional hours to a school’s curriculum can be tricky. There’s a lot to fit in! So, we wanted to create something that was valuable to the school and the student without sacrificing the time schools needed to teach their students the hard skills of becoming a hair and beauty professional.

After months and months of development, we finally had something that matched our vision and actively helped our clients help their students become successful. Then, we reached out to another big name in the industry: Milady. Our goal was to make sure we could help ALL beauty schools, and making our curriculum available in all major Learning Management Systems was a vital part of that. And, we are proud to say that Beauty as a Business is available within CIMA by Milady!

The Beauty as a Business Difference

Because Beauty as a Business is created by professional marketers who live in the world of social media, we’re always searching for new resources and strategies, and we plan to continue to update the curriculum as social media changes and develops. While you’re waiting for those updates, we always encourage students and schools to follow our Instagram page! We’re regularly posting marketing updates, tips, and strategies designed for the hair and beauty pro.

We want you to do what you do best. Not have to worry about finding a way to teach your students how to use social media to build their personal brand and beauty business. That’s what BaaB was made for!

We leave it to cosmetology and esthetics schools to teach hairstyling, facials, shaving, waxing, and other skills students need, but we take the hard work out of teaching students how to post their best works on social media, build their online portfolio, and develop their own personal brand.

Take Our Courses For Yourself

Whether you’re a beauty school professional or are already a licensed beauty or wellness professional, Beauty as a Business is for you! If you’re a decision-maker or beauty school owner, schedule your free demo to see what our online curriculum is all about, and learn more about what you can receive for each student.

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