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Want to know if Beauty as a Business is for you? See what others have to say about our curriculum. In fact, we conducted a survey with beauty school students all over the country, and this is what we found:

  • 87% of students said they’d highly recommend BaaB to a friend or another hair/beauty student
  • 98% of students said they feel it’s very important that their schools teach social media marketing
  • 95% of students said they would like their school to offer the full BaaB curriculum.
  • 90% marked BaaB’s lessons as VERY HELPFUL or helpful to their marketing education as a future professional.

We designed these lessons for beauty school students, knowing it would be pivotal to their careers after school. Here’s what students and schools owners are saying about BaaB’s online curriculum.

Beauty School Instructors and Owners

“It’s cool to see [our students] take that personal [Instagram] page that BaaB was talking about and really transform it into a business-led platform… Even if they’re students and they’re beginning their career, it’s cool to see that platform grow and they get to grow with their clients. It’s cool to watch them flourish…”
-Skinworks School of Advanced Skincare Instructor

“When [Chris] comes in to teach a class, it’s like all the bells go off and students fully understand why this stuff is so important. And it is important for a school, but it’s important for students to understand to succeed in the world. It’s why [Beauty as a Business] is here.”
-Natalie P., Skinworks School of Advanced Skincare Owner

Beauty School Students

“Beauty as a Business is an amazing education is an amazing educator! It explained everything in an easy, fun way. I feel very motivated and confident starting my business. It had amazing tips to grow your business! You won’t be disappointed!”
-Maria A.

“Beauty as a Business is an excellent social media marketing class!!! Professionalism and conduct was superb! It brought viable content that will be utilized within the school and future professionals! Thank you Beauty as a Business!”

“Beauty as a Business was used at our beauty school and had some really great tips for promoting yourself and business! Was very funny and kept me entertained the entire time! It got me excited to take the next step in building my business and making it seem not so intimidating!”
-Tessa E.

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Chris Linford is an amazing educator! He explained everything in an easy, fun way. I feel very motivated and confident starting my business. He had amazing tips to grow your business! You won’t be disappointed!

Maria A.

Promoting yourself on social media as a stylist is very important. It’s a great way to showcase your work & connect with potential guests. It’s also an amazing platform that allows friends & family to easily share or recommend your work.

Stephanie, Landis Salons

Chris Linford came into my school to give a course on marketing and how to retain and increase clientele. I left the course with so much knowledge and how to take control of my business pages on social media and how to present myself professionally in person as well.

Daniela C.

I’ve had an Instagram since I was probably 12 and a Facebook since I was 9. So, I went into this like, ‘I’m not going to learn anything from this, like I know how to run a social media account,’ but it’s made me realize the business side of it and how to set it up.

Esthetics student from Skinworks School of Advanced Skincare

Social Media is very imperative in building and attracting new guests. It is very little time spent for a maximum reward.

Jenner Feroah, CEO, Lunatic Fringe

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