Instagram Reels For Your Beauty Business

Curious about how to best use the Reels feature for your beauty business? We’re here to help! Here’s a quick rundown of how Reels work, how to create, edit, and upload them, and how to create video content that your audience will love.

What Are Reels & Where Can I Find Them?

In spring/summer 2020, Instagram rolled out the Reels feature to the public. Reels are short videos that can be up to 30 seconds long. They live on their own tab within your Instagram profile but can be posted directly to your feed.

Reels Section of Feed

Feed With Reels Included

How Do I Create Reels on My Phone?

You can shoot reels from within Instagram’s camera or upload videos directly from your phone. To get the Reel editor, click the home button and swipe right. At the bottom of the screen you’ll have these options:

  • Live
  • Story
  • Reels

Select Reels and you will be taken to the editor. To film a new video within the editor, hold down the Reel icon to record a video.

To upload previously filmed footage, simply swipe up and select the video from your camera roll that you want to use.

How Do I Trim Videos?

Click the button to the left of the recording button. You’ll see all the different video clips within your Reel. Select your clip and click on the scissors. Slide the bar to trim and when you’re finished, click trim on the top right corner.

How Do I Edit Videos?

The main features of the Reels editor are:

  • Length
  • Audio
  • Speed
  • Effects
  • Timer

These all must be used when recording within the app, aside from the Audio feature. Once you add a video to your Reel, the buttons will change to Audio, Speed, Effects, Timer, and Align. Audio and Align can be used for previously recorded clips.

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How Do I Add Effects?

If you want to add fun filters to your video, click the effects button before filming. You cannot add effects to pre-recorded videos. The AR filters you have saved to your Instagram account (the same ones that are used in stories) will pop up on the bottom of the screen. Scroll and click on the filter you want to use and you’re ready to film!

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Finding Inspiration For Reels

Now that you know more about the technical side of creating Reels, let’s talk about content inspiration! With over 1 billion active users on Instagram, it can feel overwhelming to start posting your own content.

What will set your Reels apart from other creators? What kind of content do people want to see? While we can’t tell you exactly what to post, we’re here to offer some inspiration!

Here are some types of content we’ve seen succeed for beauty professionals:

  • Trends/Dances
  • Client Before and Afters
  • Behind the Scenes/Day In The Life
  • Creating Seasonal Looks
  • Client Journeys
  • Get Ready/Un-Ready With Me
  • Beauty Hauls

Be a Social Media Consumer

One of the best ways to become a social media expert is to actively consume social media yourself. Look at what others in the industry are producing and sharing. Engage with their content as you learn from it. Ask yourself: What do I like about this? Why did this catch my eye?

Check out industry-focused hashtags and make notes of the reels that are being shared. Whether it’s the music, editing, or effects, take inspiration from your peers in the beauty industry!

Remember– social media is supposed to be fun! Using Reels is just another way to explore your creativity and connect with your followers.

Take Your Knowledge To The Next Level!

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